Is It Possible To Make Money Online?

“Is it possible to make money online” is a question that is commonly asked these days. The internet is not a new phenomenon, but it certainly is changing the way business is being conducted. Certainly most major marketers have some type of position on the internet and are certainly making money (profit) from the activity. The question at hand is weather an individual can develop a way to make money on this same internet. If so, how would one go about doing it?

The short answer to “is it possible to make money online” is yes. There are plenty of examples of individuals that have made the move from a “regular job” to a successful internet marketer and are presently earning significant, if not gracious profits each day. The incentives are many to starting your own internet business. The most obvious is the fact that you are your own boss. You make your own hours, can work from the comfort of your home, can do as you please in terms of operating your own business and can develop the business to what every size suites your objectives.

Of course there are significant considerations that the would be entrepreneur should take into consideration when contemplating making money online. Online marketing is a complex business form. You must be computer literate in the first place. All of the activities of the business are conducted online via a computer. You must have a powerful computer and know how to use it. Taking it for granted that you are proficient with computing, you must have a firm enough grasp of the many techniques that are commonly used in online marketing and be able to come up with a strategy to employ one or more of these strategies into a marketing plan.

It is possible to make money online if you develop your marketing strategy and have developed the technical skills to implement the strategy on the internet. Usually you will find that identifying various resources such as where to obtain domains, how to design and develop a web site, how to do research on the key words that you must use to optimize your web site are all things that require particular programs or assistance for you to be successful. One way to jump start your entry into the world of internet marketing is to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate University. This is an online resource that provides all the tools that a new online marketer needs to successfully begin a career of making money online.

If you orchestrate these and a large handful of additional items you will find that indeed it is possible to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate can play a vital role in this

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Starting a Service Business From Home – 3 First Steps To Get More Clients

You have taken the plunge and you have started the service business that you have been dreaming of for a long time. You are ready to change lives and create wealth but where are the people beating a path to your door? You suddenly realize that you have done the easy part and now, the real work begins as you start the fine balance between marketing and delivering your service.

In order to not become one of those service providers that have highs of lots of clients and then lows of no clients because all marketing ceases as soon as any business come in, please make sure you stay consistent with your marketing.

Here are three ideas for you.

  1. Decide who your ideal client is
    You may be tempted to think that everyone is the person for you and you may even be right. However, you do not have the funds or the time to work every single person on the planet so why not pick a set of people you particularly want to work with. It will feel tough to pick them because you want everyone and you may feel you are losing business but you will also find in the long run that this is the best way to start. You do not have to stop here but start here.
  2. What do they consider to be a burning issue?
    Now, consider why people will buy from you. You may have a lot of ideas, note them all down but then pick out the most burning issues that people want a result for now. You need to be able to pick out the burning issues, not just the ‘I can deal with it later’ issues and make those the focus of your marketing. You want people to come into your business ready to buy something from you because you are speaking their pain and ready to provide a solution to it.
  3. What do you stand for?
    While the above two points have focused on your prospective clients, it would be remiss not to mention the fact that you must stand out from the crowd. You are not the only one providing the service you do (unless you are!) so how will you stand out and why will your prospects choose to work with you rather than any other supplier. You stand out by figuring out how you are different from the others. What do you stand for, in terms of your offerings, that sets you apart from other practitioners? What do you not agree with that most of the normal service-providers would just go along with? Do you have the courage to stand alone on a particular topic because you know it will help your potential clients? What is our unique selling proposition?

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How to Avoid Distractions Online – A Mark Hoverson Teaching Demonstration

A word about staying focused online…

Staying focus is the biggest problem facing online entrepreneurs. For example, as I type this article for EzineArticles, I am being bombarded with distractions. I have literally 13 tabs open on Firefox and 2 tabs open on Internet Explorer. If anyone knows about distractions, it is me.

If you are like me, there is a ton of distractions online. Also, if you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to call me. I really enjoy talking to people about his course and I always answer my own phone.

So, I was definitively searching for ways to be more productive online. I purchased the book by Tim Ferriss, called the “Four Hour Work Week”, and it was very, very good. However, I watched a short video by Mark Hoverson entitled, “13 Super-Productivity Secrets”, and it taught me just as much as the book.

If you are looking for ways to stay productive while in front of your computer screen I would highly recommend that you enroll in a course. It doesn’t matter what course you enroll in, just make a decision to get productive while online. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money on your own personal productivity. I think you will actually find that if you spend a little money you will take the course more seriously, and extract tangible results.

I highly recommend Mark Hoverson’s course because it worked for me. Since taking Mark’s course I have produced almost 30 YouTube videos, created my own e-book, published several capture pages, and increased my sphere of influence. This is all good stuff and it would not have been possible without the knowledge that I learned from the My Global Training course.



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Business Tips, E-commerce Strategies for Online Business

One fine e-commerce strategy for online business is to make money from stuffs that cost minimally or check out a plan to execute it gratis like advertising.

Certain advertising methods to make money for online business are:

o Advertisement for online auctions:

While promoting in an online auction, individuals can supplement a link to their online stores in the description for the stuff. A majority of online auction websites charge to list items with a final value fee, but these expenses are normally negligible.

Consumers reading auction’s description also witness the link for the store. Even if the auction fails to raise any bids, the store is likely to attain superior sales through consumers click on the store’s link.

Programs and Substitutions:

o Associate programs:

Online business entrepreneurs are bestowed with loads of online services that facilitate to have consumers sign up as sales representative for them known as associate programs.

Entrepreneurs promote their affiliate or associate programs on their respective site, and when consumers join, they obtain their own link to the website. Now, they can place the link up on their website or can confer it to people.

When their consumers use that link, entrepreneurs get to know about it from the order placing procedure and then they award them by previously consented commission of the sale that is normally 10%, but can be elevated to 15%.

One variation in this is to let people offer the link to the websites of entrepreneurs and have a question in the ordering procedure demanding about how they get to know about their website.

This is not as easy and as effective as using an affiliate program, but is free of charge and easy to execute.

o Banner substitution:

There are two sorts of banner substitution. One is where entrepreneurs possess a link steering towards their website and the banner revolving amid various websites. Entrepreneurs hosting such sort of banner or possessing their brand names on its list is undoubtedly a good notion.

This is because entrepreneurs do not possess any control over which business is revolving in the banner and it may echo defectively on their website.

The second type is where entrepreneur communicate with other online businesses or they contact asking for banner substitution. It is a good proposal, especially if entrepreneurs and other businesses are not advertising similar kind of products, since they are not commercializing from each other.


o Boast a listing on the top search engines:

It is gratis to get an online business listing on certain search engines, but some engines ask to disburse. Entrepreneurs who cannot afford to buy a business listing on top search engines may think about setting up an online business on a recognized search engine.

The expense are a bit more than the alternatives, but some of them arrive with stuffs such as credit card processing, secure server, a shopping cart, and more.

One crucial aspect besides all the other characteristics is that they list the online store in their directory, which is surely a great achievement for any online business firm or entrepreneur.

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Sell Your Vintage Chanel Online

Many of us would remember the trends that were launched back in the earlier part of the century. These trends are now making a comeback in the form of psychedelic, retro and vintage fashions. Many of us would have a bunch of these fashions lying around somewhere in our closets, whether it’s a full dress or something like a necklace or a handbag. And among all those, there could be a Chanel vintage fashion item as well. The good news is that if you no longer want to keep this with you, then you can easily sell all your vintage Chanel online!

Many of you may wonder exactly why you should sell these products online. The answer is that they are in demand! If you no longer use these items or have no use for them, then you can earn a profit from them. Since fashions keep on changing, you can easily sell them and buy new ones for yourself. The process is not very difficult either. All you have to do is follow some simple guidelines and before you know it; your old stuff is on sale.

One of the best places to sell vintage Chanel online is the fashion websites that run a purchase and sale system as well. These websites purchase old products from people and put them up for sale through their own website. One of the advantages of this arrangement is that you do not need to be in touch with any prospective buyers. The website does everything, from setting up a payment plan and picking up the products as well. Vintage Chanel is rare and is even more valued by many. Otherwise, you can simply set up your own advertisement on online sharing websites for the sale of any products you have.

The alternative method is to look for an auction website that lets you auction of the products instead of putting them up for a sale. One can put up the description of the product and the put a base price for the bidding. Depending upon the final price that you get, you can sell it whosoever wins the auction. In this case, you can choose a price to start with but you will also have to arrange a way for the payment to be delivered and for final delivery of the product. Once you have these problems sorted, you can happily sell your vintage Chanel online.

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Pros and Cons of Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business is an exciting adventure. It has all the possibilities you dreamed of; you can be your own boss, set your own schedule, and your income potential is limitless! Yes, this is all true… but with all the pros there are certainly cons to starting your own business. This article is not meant to prevent anyone from starting their own business; see my article “Building a Home Based Business – Anyone can Do it!”, it is meant to give you some things to think about before you start on your journey.

First, I am an entrepreneur, it’s in my blood. Other than coaching hockey and soccer, it’s what I enjoy most; building businesses or helping others start and build their businesses. I’ve come to understand what the pros are for starting a business because I love doing it. For me, the pros way out weigh the cons. But, for others, the cons may outweigh the pros, and being totally honest, what business owner doesn’t think at some time or another that working for someone else may be a better plan?

Here are some of the pros and cons that you need to think about before you start your own business:

1. Being your own boss

  • Pro: Being your own boss means that you have the freedom to direct the company in the direction you want it to go. You can experiment with your ideas. You do not have to check with someone above you to get something done quickly. This can be very rewarding and refreshing especially if you have spent time in a bureaucratic business environment.
  • Con: Being your own boss can be a con. The buck stops here becomes a reality, not just a saying. When problems cannot be solved by your employees, they get escalated to you. Escalated problems are typically the hardest and very time consuming, such as dealing with the most difficult clients.
    Secondly, being the top leader can be lonely. It is important to have a mentor and a peer group. They can provide you some social comfort as well as a reliable forum to check your ideas. Often your employees will not give you the full scoop because you are their boss. You need to solicit and hear honest feedback on a regular basis.

2. Flexibility with your time

  • Pro: For obvious reasons having flexibility can be really great. You can pick your kids up from school when they are sick, you can sleep in on occasion, or go golfing with a pal when the weather is perfect. No one will fire you for skipping work at all hours during the day or for working during odd hours. The freedom to control your own time is great.
  • Con: Freedom means you need to be more disciplined with your schedule and very self motivated. No one else but you will keep you on task. Working towards your goals needs to be a priority every day. While this may not seem like a con, it can be if you need formal structure to keep you going.

3. You can set up the business the way you want

  • Pro: Your dreams can be pursued just like you want. You can set up unique employee structures and create new and different ways of conducting business. You are not stuck implementing someone else’s ideas. Essentially you have freedom to do it the way you think is best
  • Con: Being responsible for setting up the business also means that you are responsible for determining how operations, finance, marketing, sales, and human resources will ALL be run. If any part of your business is not working, you need to figure out how to fix it. This can be exhausting and very time consuming. An entrepreneur’s job, especially in the beginning, can translate into very long hours for very little money, and as your business grows, you may be revising/refining the business processes on an ongoing basis

4. Financials are your sole responsibility

  • Pro: You get to decide how and when you spend money. Which new product lines or markets you invest in is ultimately your decision. You also get to decide who benefits from the corporate profits. Will you share it with important staff members, invest it all in the business or keep it all for yourself? If your business is enormously successful you can retire early or pay for your children’s college and leave them a great inheritance.
  • Con: All financial resources you need to procure. Whether it’s investing your own nest egg, taking out an SBA loan, borrowing money, or engaging an investor (which means you lose part ownership). The risk that this requires is yours to bear. To procure funding you will very likely be required to sign a personal guarantee. If the company does not succeed, you will need to pay them back or file bankruptcy (which is painful but not as bad as it sounds). This is the risk you take. It’s also why many entrepreneurs find investors. But, of course you lose part of your business with each new outside investment.
    Also, managing cash flow is your responsibility. You need to figure out how to pay your bills, including payroll. If the money is not there, you must personally figure out how to get those funds. Will you increase your loans, borrow more money, work extra hard to sign a new client, or spend over time collecting on bills? Whatever you do, YOU will need to figure it out.

Obviously there are many more pros and cons and every entrepreneur will have unique experiences. Regardless, if you have the perseverance and desire to build a business, you can succeed. The beginning phases can be the most difficult, but over time, your resources can grow and your circumstances usually become much easier and more rewarding.

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Don’t Let Your Cosmetic Dentist Grind Down Your Teeth!

Extreme Makeover & Face Lift Dentistry

Andrew, one of Dr. Sam Muslin’s patients, had his entire bite completely optimized, with every tooth in his mouth being treated with non-invasive porcelain veneers that also cover the tops of his teeth. This patient had his bite lifted, his teeth permanently whiter, his teeth permanently longer, his lips supported, his face lengthened with his jaw three dimensionally repositioned without having to grind down any of his good teeth! No surgery and it only took two visits per arch. The best cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles do not have to grind down your good teeth to place porcelain veneers.

Two Levels of Cosmetic Dentistry

This patient could have had his upper ten teeth treated with porcelain veneers. His smile would have been a little better but there would have been a huge difference in color between his upper and lower teeth. His bite would NOT be improved but he would have a little better smile. His lips and his face would look the same if only the 10 upper teeth were treated. However, he chose the best level of treatment that improved the health of his entire body by optimizing his bite. It is called Face Lift Dentistry. There is only one dentist that has developed this level of care and perfected its delivery.

Non-Invasive Porcelain Veneers

The advantage of getting non-invasive porcelain veneers is that the natural tooth structure is preserved. Considering how long people are living, it is far better to save the natural tooth structure. The porcelain veneers can be replaced 20 years from now using magnification dentistry without hurting or grinding down the natural teeth. The longest patient in the practice with porcelain veneers has had them over 25 years and his teeth still look far better with the aging porcelain veneers rather than his aging teeth. There is no need to replace them. Caution, some of the best cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles still grind down the natural tooth structure to do porcelain veneers.

Bite Optimization

Most people get their bite randomly at age 13. There is no real science behind how most of us got our bite. The teeth erupted one at a time until they hit and that is it. Some patients got their teeth straightened with braces but never achieved the best height to their bite. As the years go by, the bite gets worse and the level of facial collapse increases. Bite optimization creates the best bite for the patients face. The length and thickness of the lips, the jaw position, the sizes of the jaws, speech patterns, TMJ and neuromuscular problems and the cosmetic dentistry goals of the patient are all considered in order to develop the very best cosmetic dentistry and dental health for the patient. This level of care is considered the best cosmetic dentistry possible in Los Angeles, Los Angeles and Santa Monica and is call Face Lift Dentistry.

Dr. Sam Muslin Was Awarded Best Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles 2009.

The award was given because of the high quality of his dental care, documented with is before and after dental treatment photos. The award cannot be given to a dentist standing next to a movie star or next to some politician. Make sure when you are selecting your cosmetic dentist that you are not fooled. Pick the best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles.

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Online Tutorials – How to Make Money From Them

How can you make money from online tutorials? Well the fact is, you aren’t actually focusing on making money from them, you’re using them to make money in another way. You are looking to sell products. Let’s look at eBay. Say you have an eBay store that is selling, for instance, specialist cleaning products. A description and photo alone isn’t necessarily going to sell the product, unless it’s something that people are looking for specifically.

If people are looking to buy a product that makes windows sparkle and you have a video demonstrating the fact, much like a TV advert, they are more likely to buy from you because they have seen the product work for themselves.

If you’re selling nail polish, again, unless it is a specific item that people are looking to buy, you won’t necessarily make sales. If you demonstrate how to apply, show the drying time and the actual shade as it appears out of the bottle and onto your nail, you might prick some interest from people who otherwise may have clicked away.

These are just a couple of instances of products, but the YouTube / eBay crossover using video tutorials is a viable way to make money in many product areas.

The benefit you have over TV advertising is that you’re a real person who isn’t acting. You aren’t just selling a product, you’re showing people first hand how to use it. Think QVC and other shopping channels, why do they sell so much stuff? It’s because people can see a product being demonstrated by people they like and trust, i.e. the presenters.

It won’t work for everyone however, don’t think that just by uploading some product tutorials to YouTube that your eBay store is going to sell out of goods. If your tutorials are monotone and dull, people will not only click to someone else’s video, they won’t tell their friends about it. Not in a good way at least.

Anyone looking to make tutorials to sell products should look to successful business woman and entrepreneur Lauren Luke. Lauren became an internet superstar through her cosmetic application tutorials. They came about due to her eBay customers requesting help using the products they were buying from her. Lauren uploaded her videos to YouTube and they soon went viral.

Something to take note of about Lauren’s huge success (she now has her own make-up range: “By Lauren Luke”) is her style of video tutorial. She’s natural, friendly, not pedantic in the least.

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Online Marketing Training Courses – How To Find The Best Internet Marketing Training

When it comes to online marketing training courses, the sky is the limit in terms of the types of course and products you’ll see offered. Understanding what course works for you really is a matter of understanding your goal for marketing online.

If your goal is to become an affiliate marketer online, and you have very little experience, you are going to need a course that takes you through the very basic steps of keyword research, website setup, SEO, article writing, niche selection and a whole lot more.

Now, to look at many of the products online, you would think that in many cases, you just buy the product and, if the sales page is to be believed, you will begin making money in short order. While this sort of “push-button” mentality is easy to find online, the real facts are that this almost never happens. That’s kind of likes saying that buying the nicest tool set in the store will automatically guaranteed you the best craft project that could be created.

My point? The key to any successful business is not only in the tools, it is in the skills and implementation of the student. In fact, there is no “push-button” route to internet success. However, the best online marketing training courses will come with multiple key areas of study built in, and they won’t necessarily be charging you a lot of money to gain access to them.

The best Internet marketing training course is not going to address just one item, but will understand all aspects of creating a successful campaign online and also give you the step by step game plan of how to actually implement all aspects of internet marketing together, so they effectively complement each other. Without this “holistic” approach, most training programs will leave the student with a something less than they were looking for. You may have some of what you need, but you need everything to be successful.

Want to know more about finding online marketing training? Click the link below for more internet marketing information, reviews and tactics to get your campaigns rolling online.

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Can Anyone Really Make Money Online From Home?

Many people think that the whole issue of making money online from home is either too complicated or an unreliable way of earning money. The main reason that many fail online is that they think it’s a way to get rich quick without any effort. When they realize that it does involve work, commitment and resources, they give up.

But there are those that do make money online from home everyday. Here’s how they do it.

There are several simple business models that people use to make money online from home that usually achieve a good deal of success. They include:

  1. Information Marketing – Information is sold online, usually about a specialised subject.
  2. Membership Marketing – Money is made by selling memberships to websites and selling advertising space.
  3. Service Provider – Money is made by providing a service. For instance, providing administrative services online.
  4. Retailer or Ecommerce – Money is made by selling a product on the internet.
  5. Affiliate Marketing – Money is made by promoting the products or services of others and earning a commission on everything sold.

These 5 business models have several things common. They all use the internet to facilitate trading and they all need people to visit their website in order to generate enquiries and business. So how do you get people to visit your website?

Free Website Traffic

All website traffic has a cost no matter if it is from the amount of money it costs or the time it takes in actually generating it. Free website traffic is when no money is spent on bringing in the traffic. This traffic comes from areas like search engines, social media, links from other websites and videos from YouTube. This unpaid traffic can take time to gain traction, but once it begins, it can provide continuous stream of prospective customers to your website.

Buy Website Visitors

When you pay for traffic to your website, it will provide results but the flow of traffic will end as soon as you stop paying for it. So you have to make sure that you invest your money wisely. There are a wide range of media choices you can use buy targeted website traffic, including advertising on social media, banner advertising, solo ads, re-marketing and pay-per-click advertising.

You Can Make Money Online From Home

Irrespective of the kind of online home based business that you decide to create or the way that you generate your website traffic, you have to clearly convey the benefits of your products or services. Choose your online business model carefully. What works for one person may not work for you. Create great content on your website and provide your website visitors with value. That’s the key element of any successful online business.

Source by Jon Allo